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17 Nov.2003 JPRS Modified JP Domain Name Registration Services and Procedures
9 Oct.2003 Access failure to the Website
3 Oct.2003 Partial Closure of WHOIS Services
10 Sep.2003 Establishment of "ENUM Trial Japan (ETJP)"
31 Jul.2003 JPRS started to distribute IDN standards (RFCs)-compatible i-Nav™ plug-in for Japanese JP Domain Name on July 30, 2003
11 Jul.2003 JPRS Launched IDN Standards-Compatible Japanese JP Domain Name Registration Service on 11 July 2003
23 Jun.2003 JPRS Will Start RFC-based Japanese JP Domain Name Registration and Management Services from July 10
29 May.2003 Intec NetCore and JPRS Start Joint Measurement of Next Generation Internet Diffusion
20 Mar.2003 Service Migration Schedule of Japanese JP Domain Name
20 Mar.2003 Change of Service Migration Schedule for Japanese JP Domain Name in compliance with RFCs
8 Jan.2003 Cumulative Total Number of JP Domain Name Registrations Tops 500,000


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