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Press Release: 2015

Press Release
13 July 2015
Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS)

JPRS to Launch a Joint Research Project with ISPs to Create a More Fault-Tolerant DNS Environment

- As Wider Areas Will be Subject to the Research Project, JPRS Seeks Participants from All Regions -

Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Koki Higashida) today announced that it will launch a joint research project with Internet service providers (ISPs) in October 2015, under the subject of which to strengthen fault-tolerance mechanisms of the domain name system (DNS) for the new gTLD ".jprs," which has been established by JPRS for the purpose of research and development in relation to the Internet.

DNS is the name resolution method for the Internet. Historically, various technology innovations have been applied to DNS for the purpose of enhancing its reliability and fault-tolerance capabilities, one of which is the IP Anycast technology [*1] that enables geographical server distribution.

JPRS has been actively conducting research and development for the purpose of enhancing the reliability and fault-tolerance capabilities of its DNS, applying the IP Anycast technology. Evidently, JPRS has improved the reliability of ".jp" as a whole of the integrated DNS, by introducing the IP Anycast technology and distributing the DNS servers in multiple geographical locations.

In the forthcoming research project, JPRS will assume the occurrences of large-scale disaster situations, which may cause a state of emergency and a specific regional network to be isolated from the Internet, losing connections to the root servers and/or Top-Level Domain (TLD) DNS servers. And under those circumstances, we shall not only lose the DNS resolution capability, but we shall also lose the availability of the Internet-based services within that specific regional network.

JPRS argues that providing the DNS resolution on a continuous basis will not only contribute to the enhancement of the DNS reliability, but it will also provide continuous availability of Internet-based services, even in a state of emergency.

In this research, JPRS will investigate and verify the continual operability of DNS resolution for ".jprs" domain name, under the condition that the ".jprs" DNS servers are located in an ISP network, where JPRS network is disconnected/separated from the Internet.

The joint research project will focus on a subject such as ISPs that operate critical DNS servers in a specific regional network. JPRS invites ISPs from all regions that are willing to participate in our research project.

Moreover, JPRS will widely offer the ".jprs," for the purpose of research and development in relation to the Internet, to the relevant technology communities, academic institutions and accredited business partners.

As an enterprise that supports the foundation of the network infrastructure, JPRS will continue to make further efforts to improve the quality of its services, and thereby contributing to the development of the Internet and the building of a better future for everyone.

About JPRS

JPRS is a leading service provider for management and registration of domain names and for the domain name system (DNS) operations. The company was established on December 26, 2000. As a company dedicated to maintaining the Internet infrastructure of Japan, JPRS operates under a corporate philosophy which aims to contribute to the expansion of the Internet and to building a better future for people and society.


*1. IP Anycast technology
A load balancing and routing technology that enables multiple hosts to provide a service or function to a single IP address normally assigned to one host on the Internet. Servers that use IP Anycast share a single IP address, and user requests are routed to the nearest server on the network.


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