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Contributing to building of the network society and creation of a more fulfilling and enriching world


JPRS plays various roles to keep the Internet running smoothly by managing and administering domain names and operating the domain name system. Especially, JPRS regards its registry business as a vital service to all of society.
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What's New

8 Dec.2015JPRS expressed its endorsement to "Joint Statement on WSIS+10" delivered by ISOC et al.
7 Oct.2015JPRS Held 6th ".jp DNSSEC Key Ceremony"
1 Oct.2015JPRS Revised DNSSEC Practice Statement for the JP Zone (JP DPS)
3 Aug.2015JPRS provided its input to UN DESA regarding the Implementation of WSIS Outcomes
13 Jul.2015JPRS to Launch a Joint Research Project with ISPs to Create a More Fault-Tolerant DNS Environment

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