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Contributing to building of the network society and creation of a more fulfilling and enriching world


JPRS plays various roles to keep the Internet running smoothly by managing and administering domain names and operating the domain name system. Especially, JPRS regards its registry business as a vital service to all of society.
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What's New

23 Jun.2015JPRS signs MoU with ICANN and JPNIC on Japanese translation of ICANN materials
29 May.2015Translation of "JP Domain Name Registry Report 2014" Posted
22 May.2015Generation Panels for Chinese/Japanese/Korean TLD labels had a first formal coordination meeting
7 May.2015JPNIC and JPRS publish "History of Internet Resources Management in Japan - Focusing on Domain Name and IP Address".
18 Mar.2015JGP has been approved by ICANN as a panel to develop Japanese TLD Label Rules

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