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JPRS released idnkit-2.0

(15 Jul 2010)

On July 15th, 2010, JPRS released Internationalized Domain Name Toolkit 2.0 (idnkit-2.0).

idnkit implements specifications for Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) which is standardized by IETF, and provides the following features:

The idnkit-2.0 released today is compliant with new IDN standards (*1), and is based on idnkit-1.0 (*2) developed and released by JPNIC.

It is considered that IDN's compliance to new IDN standards will progress hereafter. By providing the above features at an early stage, idnkit-2.0 will help site administrators and application developers evaluate and adopt new standards.

The idnkit-2.0 is available at the following page:

IDN Info by JPRS

For inquiries on idnkit-2.0, please contact the following e-mail address:

Current IDN standards are called IDNA2003 according to the year they were published, i.e., 2003. Since that year, through operational experiences of IDNs with IDNA2003, several issues such as Unicode version dependency and confusion caused by using symbol characters have been identified. To solve these issues, revision of the standards proceeded at IETF. The new standards are called IDNA2008, as their basic specifications were agreed in 2008. Though the RFCs for IDNA2008 are yet to be published as of July 14th, 2010, their specifications have already been established, and there is no problem in implementing these new specifications.
The idnkit-2.0 is the revised version of idnkit-1.0 which is an IDNA2003-compliant toolkit, developed and released by JPNIC. This revision was made by JPRS to comply with IDNA2008.
To download idnkit-1.0, access the following page:

The following are the major changes from idnkit-1.0:

  • Compliant with IDNA2008 (but not compliant with IDNA2003);
  • Commands such as idn wrapper and runidn are removed, since major browsers are now IDN-compliant and no longer need these commands.
  • Name of the configuration file is changed to idn2.conf (~/idn2rc) to prevent conflict caused by installing idnkit-2.0 concurrently with idnkit-1.0. In addition, name of the IDN encoding conversion tool is changed to idnconv2.

For details, please refer to NEWS file contained in idnkit-2.0.

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