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Press Release: 2011

Press Release
17 January 2011
Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS)

JPRS Deploys DNSSEC in the JP Domain Name Service

- To Contribute to the Internet by Improving the Security of JP Domain Names -

On January 16, Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS: head office at Chiyoda-ku Tokyo; President: Koki Higashida) completed the release of DNSSEC feature in the JP domain name service in order to improve the security of JP domain names.

DNSSEC is a security extension of DNS that uses digital signatures through public key cryptography. With this release, registrants of JP domain names can register the registrants' key information to the JP zone, which in turn enables Internet users to validate the response with its digital signature(s) and to detect bogus DNS responses. Consequently, the release will considerably reduce the risks including phishing, etc.

JPRS considers that DNSSEC can effectively prevent the security threats caused by bogus DNS responses. Based on this understanding, it has introduced the specifications in Japan and performed testbeds and demonstrations in cooperation with the DNS operators at home and abroad with an aim to deploy DNSSEC. On October 17, 2010, JPRS started signing the JP zone and registered the key information (DS resource record) of the JP zone in the root on December 10, 2010. After confirming that the JP zone was properly validated by the root zone key as a trust point, and that existing DNS infrastructures were not adversely affected, JPRS has completed the deployment of DNSSEC in the JP domain name service this time.

Along with this service launch, JP Registrars explained their plan with regard to DNSSEC deployment as follows.

Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) announced that it will upgrade all of its DNS-related services, such as the DNS Outsourcing Service, to be compatible with DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC). With this conversion, DNS Outsourcing Service can now provide signature and key renewal for relevant zone information. It can also provide key management for relevant zone information. Additionally Domain Management Service can perform registration of DS (delegation signer) for top-level DNS servers IIJ will continue to expand the use of DNSSEC enabled services in the future.

IIJ Press Release:
IIJ to Adopt DNSSEC Expansion Method to Improve Security on DNS Services

Beginning on January 28, 2011, DNSSEC registration service will be available to our customers using MultiFEED service, an Internet data center service. DNSSEC validation service for MultiFEED cache DNS service will be available at the same time. Other services will adopt DNSSEC accordingly.

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In addition, detailed information about DNSSEC operation is available at the following JPRS webpages.

About JPRS
JPRS is the company whose main businesses are to provide services related to management and registration of domain names and operate the domain name system (DNS). It was established on December 26, 2000. As a company dedicated to maintaining the Internet infrastructure of Japan, JPRS contributes to the development of the Internet and the building of a better future for everyone.


  1. JPRS Plans to Implement DNSSEC in JP Domain Name Services

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