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Press Release: 2009

Press Release

April 22, 2009
Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.(JPRS)

JPRS Participates in BIND 10 Development Project

- Contributing to Operational Stability of the Internet -

Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS: head office at Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Koki Higashida), the company responsible for management and administration of .JP top-level domain and overall management and operation of the JP Domain Name System (JP DNS), announced today that it would participate in the BIND 10 development project. BIND 10 is the next version of DNS software to be launched by Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (ISC: head office at Redwood City, CA; President: Paul Vixie).

DNS is one of the fundamental functions supporting the Internet and is indispensable for its smooth operation. BIND, which is developed by ISC, is the most widely-used DNS server software. The current BIND version 9 was released in September 2000, thus it has been nearly a decade since the start of its distribution.

With the remarkable growth of the Internet during these years, requirements for DNS, such as stronger resistance against DDoS attacks on DNS servers, are building up continuously. In addition, as the new technologies including IP Anycast and DNSSEC spread, demand for the new DNS software to apply these new technologies is increasing. In response to these growing needs, ISC announced a new project to develop the next-generation BIND 10 which offers enhanced security and resilience.

In support of the objectives of the project, and as the registry of .JP domain names, JPRS decided to participate in it from the development stage. JPRS believes that would lead to its contribution towards the operational stability of the Internet. A number of TLD registries in the world, including CIRA (.ca) and DENIC (.de), have also announced that they will join the project. And JPRS plans to take an active part in this joint development initiative not only by offering financial support, but also by assigning its engineers to the project.

According to the current plan, BIND 10 will have the features including the followings:

  1. Secure
    - Full support of DNSSEC
    - Improved key management and renewal benefiting DNSSEC operators

  2. Flexible
    - Modular design
    - Facile integration with external modules and programs

  3. Scalable
    - Adaptability to a wide range of systems from a large complex system used by TLDs to small home system

  4. Resilient
    - System logs to provide data necessary for identifying the causes of failures
    - Prompt notification of and response to threats against security, including attacks from outside.

Like its predecessors, BIND 10 will be released by ISC as the open-source software offered for the entire Internet community.

JPRS will continue to cooperate with DNS server operators to meet the needs of the Internet community and society at large, and endeavor to achieve growth and operational stability of the Internet.

List of TLD Registries Announcing Participation in BIND 10 Development Project:

- JPRS (.jp/ Japan)
- CIRA (.ca/ Canada)
- Afilias (.info)
- AFNIC (.fr/ France)
- DENIC (.de/ Germany)
- IIS.SE (.se/ Sweden)
- Nominet (.uk/ United Kingdom)
- (.br/ Brazil)
- SIDN (.nl/ The Netherlands)
- ZADNA (.za/ South Africa)


* IP Anycast
Generally, a single IP address is assigned to each specific host on the Internet. With the IP Anycast technology, a single IP address is assigned to a particular function or service so that multiple hosts can handle the transactions assigned to the address. With this approach, load distribution is realized by the routing technology. Servers that use IP Anycast technology share a single IP address, and users' requests are handled by the server closest to the user in terms of routing protocols.

DNSSEC is an extended function of DNS providing DNS services more securely. DNSSEC uses the public key encryption technology for authentication to assure the legitimacy of the source and contents of the data received from servers.

* DDoS attack
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack whereby a number of computers are engaged in denial of service attacks simultaneously.

* Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS)
JPRS was incorporated on December 26, 2000 to carry out responsibility of the management and administration of the .JP top-level domain and to operate the domain name system. As a company dedicated to maintaining the Internet infrastructure, JPRS contributes to the development of the Internet and building of a better future for everyone.


* "ISC Commences Development of Next Generation Domain Name Server Architecture with Unprecedented Community Sponsorship": Release by ISC


* ISC (Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.)

* BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain)

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