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Registered JP Domain Names (Total Number)

Latest Statistics

Cumulative total of Registration of JP Domain Names (2014/10/01 Total: 1384493)

General-Use JP Domain Name(Total: 936922)
ASCII ASCII(Alpha-Numeric) 814988
Japanese Japanese(Japanese Domain Names) 121934
Prefecture Type JP Domain Name(Total: 12163)
ASCII ASCII(Alpha-Numeric) 9141
Japanese Japanese(Japanese Domain Names) 3022
Organizational Type and Geographic Type JP Domain Name (Total: 435408)
AD Members of JPNIC 260
AC Universities, Technical schools, Incorporated schools 3534
CO Incorporated companies, Limited companies 368897
GO Government organizations, Government-affiliated organizations 604
OR Foundation, Aggregate corporation 30989
NE Network services 14968
GR Arbitrary organization 6918
ED Schools including primary, junior and senior high schools 4954
LG Local Government 1841
GEO Geographic Type 2443

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