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Hirofumi Hotta of JPRS Re-Elected as the ccNSO Council Member

(14 November 2016)

Hirofumi Hotta, Director of JPRS, was re-elected as the Council Member of ICANN ccNSO (Country Code Names Supporting Organisation).

ccNSO, one of ICANN's Supporting Organizations, was established under the ICANN Bylaws. ccNSO bears important roles in nurturing consensus across the ccTLD community relating various issues concerning ccTLD's, and in making policy recommendations to ICANN Board, through coordination with the other ICANN Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees.

ccNSO Council Member is to be first nominated by the other ccTLD managers and then selected through election. Hotta, who has been the Councilor since June 2004, has vigorously contributed to ICANN activities such as establishing Accountability Framework (a framework to formalize the relationship between ICANN and ccTLD managers), establishing global policies concerning Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), reviewing the ICANN Bylaws in line with the introduction of IDN ccTLD's, and developing agenda for ccNSO members meeting held in each ICANN meeting. Furthermore, Hotta has shared and discussed the unique issues of Asia-Pacific region at global arena, of which gathered through sharing major topics in ICANN to ccTLD registries among AP region.

Due to termination of his current term as the Councilor, and through the process to select the successor, Hotta has been elected again to represent AP region. He will continue to serve until March 2020.

The major challenges for the ccTLD community today is developing the procedure of ccTLD community's opinion as a whole and improving the accountability of ccNSO activities under the framework after the IANA stewardship transition from NTIA to global multistakeholder community completed.

By contributing to ccNSO, Hotta and JPRS will make full use of their knowledge and expertise in addressing these issues, as well as other relevant issues, based on the idea of providing further contribution to the global Internet community.


  1. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
  2. ccNSO (Country Code Names Supporting Organisation)
  3. IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)

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