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New gTLD ".jprs" Status Update

(19 August 2013)

On August 19, 2013, JPRS announced that its application to operate the new gTLD ".jprs" has successfully passed ICANN's initial evaluation.

".jprs" has been applied by JPRS as a TLD with the primary purpose of research and development in relation to the Internet. ".jprs" will be used not only for studies carried out by JPRS, but also for collaborative research and development with the relevant technology communities, academic institutions and accredited bussiness partners. Unlike the existing gTLDs, ".jprs" will not be accepting registrations from the public at large.

Please see below for further information.

Application for New gTLD ".jprs" Passes Initial Evaluation
".jprs" - The Background and Purpose of Our New gTLD Establishment -

In addition, to operate ".jprs" in compliance with the ICANN provision, JPRS needs to have another entity who holds ICANN accreditation as a registrar. For this reason, JPRS has established JPRS Registrar Co., Ltd. as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

JPRS Registrar Co., Ltd.

JPRS will make use of the knowledge gained through ".jprs" operations by providing research results for the ".jp" development to achieve better services. Additionally, JPRS plans to leverage ".jprs" for the purpose of gaining recognition of domain names, raising awareness of correct usage, and providing valuable information for the entire Internet community.

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