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Press Release: 2004

Press Release

February 2, 2004
Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.(JPRS)
Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJIE)

JPRS and IIJ Introduce IP Anycast Technology to JP DNS Service - JP DNS Even More Reliable with Better Quality of Service and Fault Tolerance -

Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd., (JPRS) ,the company responsible for management and administration of .JP top-level domain and overall management and operation of the JP domain name system (JP DNS) and Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJIE), one of Japan?fs leading total network service solutions providers today announced the introduction of IP Anycast technology to the '' operated by JPRS and the '' operated by IIJ, among all JP DNS servers ( - operated by 6 organizations. The introduction of the new technology aims to improve the reliability of the JP DNS. IP Anycast technology(*) enables the distribution of multiple DNS servers with the same name to various sites and provides a better quality of service, better load handling, and improved fault tolerance.

IP Anycast technology allows an IP address that is usually assigned to a specific node on the Internet (a server and a router etc.) to be assigned to multiple nodes that provide the same service. The introduction of this technology to the JP DNS enables the assignment of one IP address to multiple DNS servers. For IP Anycast technology implementation, '' selected BGP routing method, and '' selected IGP routing method. In both methods, the DNS server closest to the user by means of network topology or network distance is used automatically. No matter which method is employed, the user experiences improved efficiency and better service quality. Geographical distribution can increase tolerance to external attacks, which will boost DNS server reliability. This technology is being introduced to root servers following the distributed denial of service attacks in October 2002. Currently 5 of the 13 root servers are using this technology.

This introduction of IP Anycast technology to the JP DNS is just one of the measures to stabilize the JP DNS that was promoted by JP DNS Operators Group. This group improved processing efficiency by standardizing the JP DNS server names ( through and distributing the servers, geographically and on the network, to improve load balancing. IP Anycast technology was introduced to create a more robust system that is more fault-tolerant. The changes to the DNS server IP addresses that are necessary to use IP Anycast technology were submitted to IANA by JPRS, the administrative organization for the entire JP DNS, and the JP DNS has entered a new age of stability once the changes has been reflected on the entire network by January 27 (Pacific Time).

JPRS and IIJ will continue working with other JP DNS operators to respond to the needs of the Internet community and the society at large by improving JP DNS reliability and operational stability.

(*) IP Anycast Technology
A load balancing and routing technology that enables multiple hosts to provide a service or function to a single IP address normally assigned to one host on the Internet. Servers that use IP Anycast share a single IP address, and user requests are routed to the nearest server on the network.

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JPRS was incorporated on December 26, 2000 to carry out responsibility of the management and administration of the .JP top-level domain and to operate the domain name system. As a company dedicated to maintaining the Internet infrastructure, Japan Registry Services (JPRS) contributes to the development of the Internet and the building of a better future for everyone.

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