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Press Release: 2001

Press Release

August 27, 2001
Japan Registry Services, Co., Ltd. (JPRS)

JPRS today launches a new service for browsing Japanese JP domain names - Japanese JP domain names become accessible with Internet Explorer -

Japan Registry Services, Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President Koki Higashida), the company responsible for registration and management of JP domain names, today announced that it launched on August 27 a service which enables users of Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later (hereafter "IE") to access web pages that have JP domain names in Japanese characters. This service uses technology developed and operated by RealNames Corporation (Redwood City, California; CEO & President Keith Teare).

With this service, Internet users can access web sites simply by entering a Japanese JP domain name (without "http://") in the IE address bar, without plug-ins or special client software. The service automatically encodes the Japanese JP domain name that has been entered to an ASCII compatible string, which is the standard usage of a domain name, and then accesses the web page designated by the resulting string.

Though it is necessary that the domain name registrant appropriately set up a name server prior to use in order to browse web pages with Japanese JP domain names, there are increasing number of sites that have already set up such servers and can be accessed by Japanese JP domain names. Japanese domain names of browsable sites range from company and organization names to product and service names. JPRS believes that this resolution service will enable more Internet users to truly experience and utilize Japanese JP domain names. It providesgreater use of Japanese JP domain names and will improve convenience for the users.

Since the launch of this service was announced on July 31, the number of registered Japanese JP domain names has been increasing; an approximate increase of 30% in the first three weeks of August compared to the last three weeks of July indicates users' high expectations for this service.

The encoding algorithm used in resolving international domain names is now being standardized by IETF, and JPRS is taking part in the process. JPRS now uses an algorithm called RACE as an ACE method, which was proposed during the standardization process. Once such an algorithm has been standardized, JPRS intends to follow the standardized technology that the RealNames mechanism, as well as various client applications, will employ.

With the launch of this resolution service, JPRS intends to promote the use of the general-use JP domain name space, which is reliable and has very few chances of dispute.

* For specifications and restrictions of the service, please refer to our homepage.
* JPRS will abide by the results of the IETF standardization process, which may result in an algorithm other than RACE.
* Specifics of this service are subject to change.
* Browsing using this service with IE is free of charge. When ordering the installation of a name server/web server, please inquire of your service provider as to the details.

Message from Keith Teare, CEO and President of RealNames Corporation:

"RealNames Resolution Services successfully resolve internationalized domain names (IDNs). This service is transparent to the end user, who uses his own language and character set to navigate the web, without downloading any additional software. RealNames Resolution Services act as a bridge between a local language and the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS). Based on Unicode, RealNames Resolution Services resolve IDNs for users of Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, by reading any language's characters and script and encoding the address in a form that can be read by the DNS."

"JPRS has moved decisively to offer a transparent, easy-to-implement solution for multi-lingual domain names to Japanese Internet users," said Keith Teare, CEO, RealNames Corp. "JPRS is one of the world's leaders in addressing what is a critical issue facing the Internet today. We are delighted to work with JPRS to help them provide this important service to their customers."

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